black and white sky at night with moon rising and wheat grass in the foreground

Fall is my favorite time of the year

Fall is my favorite time of the year.  The harvest arrives, and we reap the rewards of seeds and roots planted long ago — whether from the season before, or the ripening from rituals thousands of years old.

With fall,  the breeze is distinctively crisper and more biting than the summer wind.  Leaves, still wet, fall to the musty earth to become dust. Twilight shines a different light we prepare to reflect in the womb of darkness that is the winter.

The seeds within ourselves, within our family and friends, and community call for celebration of our social and spiritual harvest.

Devils Canyon Wine was born in the humble roots of Jeffrey’s design studio location on the ridge of Napa Valley. There the ancient language that only nature can speak influenced his life and this production of Cabernet from Napa Valley.

Harvest is always a time to look into the depths of canyons within us, listen, and find the light we are capable of shining.  When we give, we receive.  With sharing — everything wants to grow in our presence.

Here’s a toast to the harvest of a warm community this season with friends and family.. and a glass of Devils Canyon wine!

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